Important Notice 

after a long and careful consideration, I have decided that this will be the first and last season that IVC has competed as a club, I feel that my personal wellbeing and family life are more important than trying to help people understand that it is the journey that matters, that the learning/growing has its ups and downs, that volleyball is a team sport and that not everyone deserves to be first. I am thankful for some of the people that I have met through this journey and will be forever grateful for their support which was given when it was needed most, some others I could have done without! 


After a much needed rest I will open up IVC for training again later this year, to help the athletes that want to learn, grow, sweat and be the best they can be! This type of training does not carry any performance related constraints and subsequently provides athletes and parents with an opportunity to keep an open mind. 


For the people that have already signed up for the tryouts please contact me for a full refund, I am thankful for the trust you have placed in me and this institution and am sorry for the inconvenience.  I will be happy to help you out with finding other clubs in the area that would best suit your athletes ability and goals. Respectfully