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About IVC


International Volleyball Company's mission is to provide athletes with high-quality training resources to take your athlete's gameplay to the next level. Our training philosophy creates an atmosphere where high-caliber athletes are able to gain new skills, engage in great competition, have fun, and make new friendships without external pressures that seem to diminish athletic performances. 


We believe training the mind is just as or if not more important than the physical training of your athlete. Most of the time athletes do not succeed not based on their ability, but because of their mindset.  Each training session strives to evolve your athlete's mindset towards resilience. Resilience will become the new normal for your athlete and winning will become a byproduct of the physical and mental changes as your athlete develops. 


IVC believes in the process over the outcome, that the process your athlete endures paves their future. By focusing on the process, the atmosphere your athlete trains in encourages growth and uses positive reinforcement to foster an environment that welcomes failures. We believe the route of an initial failure cultivates more opportunities than an initial success. Once your athlete starts this transformation, your athlete will welcome new challenges and their self-confidence begins to flourish. This develops a culture at our gym where hard work, accountability, passion for success, and self-confidence are part of our daily routine.


International Volleyball Company will continue to grow beside your athlete and will provide them with the most comprehensive technical training, mentorship, and support needed in order for them to be successful. As we continue to expand, we are creating a new approach to the junior volleyball world in Tampa Bay.

Although providing a cohesive and positive environment is a must, it is imperative that each athlete understands the importance of their individual overall fitness and conditioning, nutrition, injury prevention, making healthy choices, and the quality of character. That is why IVC will provide programs for your athlete to participate with professionals that are experienced in these fields. We encourage feedback and if there is something your athlete is not receiving, we would like to create an opportunity to fill this void, whatever it may be. 


Each athlete who walks into our gym deserves the opportunity to not only enhance their volleyball game but to enhance their mindset. Developing these resilient athletes provides them the tools that can be applied to all aspects of life. At IVC our athletes will not only be successful on and off the court but also in their future endeavors. 

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