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  • The original Tampa Bay Club Enhancement Program for any age is back!

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Tampa's  Original

Club Enhancement Program 

IVC has trained over 300 athletes through the Club Enhancement program last year. The program is designed with the athlete in mind and prides it self in providing a small Coach to Player ratio, high quality touches and athlete specific training. At IVC training the mind is just as important as the physical training. IVC Coaches will train athletes based on how to preform the skills correctly, why and most importantly they will help the athletes realize when the skills are needed. Most of the time athletes do not succeed based soley on their ability, but because of their mindset.  Each training session strives to evolve your athlete's mindset towards resilience. Resilience will become the new normal for your athlete and winning will become a byproduct of the physical and mental changes as your athlete develops. Come and see what IVC training is all about. Training Lessons will be preformed with Coach Vanja and guest coaches at Bayshore Christian School and Slam!HS.  

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